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Energy rewrites

Australia, PNG & Pacific Nations could rewrite their parts in our global health. Natural resources including solar, wind, hydro & biomass do help provide energy to regions not plugged into the grid & those who choose not to be god-reliant.

Renewable Energy reflects a sustainable, circular economy while Non/Renewable Energy mirrors an investment-dividend wealth. As there have been pronounced Protests on Climate Change, our future Leaders seem to be swaying towards renewable-sustainable-circular.*

By treacl - Tony Anstatt

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It will be dangerous to have more than 20%of solar because one thing you can be sure of is another caldera volcano event like Mt. Barujari 1274 Indonesia both hemispheres received no sun for three years. When the worlds population is in its greatest need they will need power, base load and lots of it. Even though 3 to 5 million acres of solar would be good for warming the earth as we head towards the glacial as we are at the moment.

Peter Staples, Thanks for your input re: solar energy. As renewable energy reliance provides a shift away from the larger grid layout, to smaller micro & nano grids. Energy will always be foundational to society.

Energy Storage is in its early stages in Australia, who hope to make fuller use of #EnergyStorage. Through transfer, redistribution and usage – other countries within neighbouring Pacific nations can mutually benefit. As catastrophic as some stories appear, there is still ‘light at the end of the tunnel. #climatechange #globalwarming #PacificIslandsForum

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