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2021’s clearer direction

Unsurprisingly, 2021 has already been as complicated as how 2020 was. Yet, we’re only in our 1st quarter! Taking this proactively, coupled with COVID19 vaccinations beginning to be applied perhaps Corona Virus is not having as devastating impact as what 1900’s Spanish Flu did. With these positive points, numerous others have taken some of their ideas (during Shutdowns + Isolations), further with ideas/concepts/solutions/businesses for ‘the new future’. This is where some of our background workings are coming to the fore!

ndisplus had begun with the idea of allowing disAbled Australians, to more effectively engage with their community. Expected updates to the NDIS Application processes (via NDIA) represent the governmental portion of this, with some NDIS Providers actually falling from the available system. It is at this point that involvement of both Participants + Providers of NDIS will be integral to our upcoming projects. “a fifth of the Australian population, are in some way disAbled”

“a fifth of the Australian population, are in some way disAbled”

Common statement from , ABC News
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Gallery begins

From some SM Projects, our Gallery has begun as the 1st listing. Beginning with @treacl, @circlegroup, @royalcommbbc, @ndisplus & @digitalas_au – traffic could be channeled through parts of this site.